Modern Office Building

This six story office tower is located in the tropical enclave of Cochin, state of Kerala on India's West Coast.

Expressive geometry with lots of glass makes for a very exciting look on both the exterior and from the inside looking out.

Due to the limited plot size, we put parking for 8 cars on the Ground Floor level with 3 office floors above this, capped with a private penthouse floor on the 5th level offering a luxurious residential suite and having a fully equipped roof terrace on 6th level for family gatherings.

The building is essentially a simple, cost effective 'cast concrete post+beam+slab system' but has a unique 'applied façade' system to allow the creative geometric expression, providing a very interesting interior space when looking out through the curved exterior panels. 

We used an EIFS (synthetic stucco) Exterior Insulation Finish System for its low cost, ease of constructing complex shapes and extremely high insulating properties, also this finish never needs painting and never cracks!