Modern mixed use 35 floor Office/Residential/Hotel tower designed as a Quad-Pod Dual Atrium eCologically responsive interactive building environment.
The ground floor podium garden offers 17 levels of Office space embracing a tropical rain forest atrium nourished by a gentle periodic 'water fall' cascading down from the half-sphere mid-level podium above which also contains building services and perimeter meeting rooms.
Above this are the upper 10 floors of luxury residential condos that overlook their own private upper-atrium and tropical tree garden water feature.
A 6 floor boutique Hotel crowns the building summit, offering luxurious pool and 360 degree running path with impressive views in all directions.
A custom designed horizontal wind turbine generator system is positioned to capture the upwards rush of wind-power rising along the building masses pushed up by the steady ocean breeze.
The domed hotel is 75% covered with hi-yield photo-voltaic power cells and grey water recycle supplements the many recycled water features.